Make your own celebration Number Cake

They are easy to make at home and the top can be decorated with all of the Special Persons favourite things – whether that be – lollies, to fruit to macarons or a combo of all of them!

When we make ours – we bake slabs to suit then cut out the numbers (normally using a print out) you could also use a number tin if you prefer.

We then just pipe on your choice of icing (our favourite is Italian Meringue Buttercream – so smooth and creamy but not too sweet) add your 2nd layer of cake, press it down lightly, and then pipe on your next layer of icing.

Finish off by decorating the top with their favourite things! For Sarah’s 16th cake we used Well & Good’s Chocolate Mud Cake Premix, Vanilla Bean Italian Meringue Buttercream and decorated with  Fresh Berries and Hand Made Macarons from Whisky Business at Capalaba.


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