Baking when you have allergens

Sending in cakes and baking to school can be daunting and it became even more difficult as schools placed more restrictions on what could be bought in.

To make things easier on myself, I always just sent the kids in with Chocolate Mud Patty Cakes made with our Well & Good Chocolate Mud Cake Mix. 

We would always make them Gluten Free and Dairy Free but they can easily be made totally vegan too, just sub the eggs for Orgran Egg Replacer and decorate them with a Solite and icing sugar blend for the frosting.

If you are not a Choc Mud Cake fan, we also stock Well & Good’s Premixes for 

  • White Chocolate Mud Cake Premix
  • Sponge or Pound Cake Premix – perfect for a Vanilla cake and with a small tweak of the recipe can either be made as a Sponge Cake or as a more traditional Butter Cake textured cake and
  • Utility Cake Premix which is perfect for an Apple Tea Cake with thin slices of apple, sprinkled in cinnamon sugar on top, or the base of a fruit cake.

All of the Well & Good Cake premixes mentioned above are

  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free
  • Soy Free
  • Seafood Free

Don’t forget the Orgran Egg Replacer if you need to keep them egg free.

Also check out our range of Sprinkles and Solite for decorating your cakes.


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