SkinnyAsia Spice Pack


SkinnyAsia Spice Pack


This Herb and Spice pack has you covered so that you can make every recipe from SkinnyAsia by Nikalene Riddle and Grant Neal!

We are packing these as quickly as we can and will have them posted out ASAP!

Happy Cooking!

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This pack SkinnyAsia – Herb & Spice Pack includes:

Cardamom Ground 25g
Cayenne Pepper 50g
Chilli Powder 50g
Chinese 5 Spice 50g
Cinnamon Ground 50g
Coriander Powder 100g
Cumin Powder 50g
Garlic Powder 50g
Ginger Powder 50g
Onion Powder 50g
Paprika Sweet 100g
Turmeric Powder 50g

Bay Leaves 15g
Chilli Whole 50g
Chilli Flakes 100g
Cinnamon Quills 50g
Cloves Whole 50g
Coriander Seeds 50g
Cumin Seeds 50g
Fennel Seeds 50g
Fenugreek Seeds 25g
Peppercorn Black Cracked 50g
Peppercorn Black Whole 50g
Peppercorn White Ground 50g
Star Anise 50g
Szechuan Pepper 50g

Agar Agar 25g
Glutinous Rice 500g
Glutinous Rice Flour 500g
Salted Black Bean 50g

Sea Salt Fine 250g

Rock Salt 200g

and is great value at under $2.37 per item.

We will begin posting out the SkinnyAsia – Herb and Spice Packs in the week beginning 18th September 2023, which maybe*  enough time for you to have your pack in your home ready to start cooking these delicious recipes on launch evening!

(*depending on where you are located)

Nikalene’s Wonderful Cookbooks are not included in the packs but can be purchased here > SKINNYMIXERS STORE

For ingredient listings and nutritional panels, please see individual items in our website.

**We do our absolute best to keep in stock of all items but sometimes out of stocks happen.

In this case, we will contact you and if agreed upon we will refund the difference and forward the remainder of the order without the out of stock item, or will refund the entire amount charged.

Please note: all of the included in the Spice packs can also be purchased individually!  Only buy what you need!


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