** Skinny Entertaining Spice Pack **


** Skinny Entertaining Spice Pack **


This Herb and Spice pack has you covered so that you can make every recipe from Skinny Entertaining by Nikalene Riddle and Grant Neal!

To save you the running around – we have made it easy!

Here are all the herbs, spices and a few little extras that you need for this amazing book – all in a ready to go pack!

Happy cooking!


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This pack is great value at under $2.80 per item.

Nikalene’s Wonderful Cookbooks are not included in the packs but can be purchased here > SKINNYMIXERS STORE

For ingredient listings and nutritional panels, please see individual items in our website.

**We do our absolute best to keep in stock of all items but sometimes out of stocks happen.

In this case, we will contact you and if agreed upon we will refund the difference and forward the remainder of the order without the out of stock item, or will refund the entire amount charged.

Please note: all of the included in the Spice packs can also be purchased individually!  Only buy what you need!


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As per the listing details and photo’s – there are no shakers included in this pack.*

The first 40 packs sold out by 7pm 30/9/2022

* Note added 1/10/2022 5.56pm


21/10/2022 – It was bought to my attention that the pack was showing a 50g Activated charcoal in the list.

This was altered when the pack was being priced out (and when trying to keep the price down, we were looking at things that had more weight than needed to – eg activated charcoal and cardamom (which also happen to be the dearer ones) but it seems that I had forgotten to change the list here.  This has now been amended to clearly show my stuff ups.

Reset assured – you were not charged for the 50g Activated Charcoal for this pack.  If you have concerns, please contact us directly.

It would also appear that I had also stuffed up on the labels that we packed to and I had included 300g of the 3 salts but only charged for 200g!


This has been corrected and the pricing adjusted as at 21/10/2022


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