A THM V Herb & Spice Pack


THM V Herb & Spice Pack

All of the dry herbs and spices for the upcoming THM V

And don’t forget, if you already have some of the items in the pack at home, use them up first and only buy what you need.

All items are available individually!

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All of the dry herbs & spices for THM V

Allspice                               50g

Babas Curry Powder        250g

Cayenne Pepper               50g

Celery Salt                          50g

Celery Seed                        50g                      

Chilli Flakes                        50g

Chilli Powder                     50g

Chipotle Powder              50g       

Cinnamon Powder           50g

Cracked Black Pepper      50g

Coarse Salt Flakes            150g

Coriander Powder            50g

Cumin Powder                  50g

Dried Basil                         50g

Dried Chives                      50g

Dried Oregano Leaves    50g

Dried Parsley                     50g

Dried Rosemary                50g

Dried Thyme                      50g

Garlic Powder                   100g

Ginger Powder                  50g

Ground Nutmeg               50g       

Ground White Pepper     50g

Mustard Powder              50g

Onion Powder                   100g

Salt                                   100g

Smoked Paprika                100g

Sweet Paprika                   100g

Turmeric Powder                50g

**We do our absolute best to keep in stock it all items but sometimes out of stocks happen. 

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And don’t forget, if you already have some of the required items at home, use them up first and only buy what you need!  All items are available individually! 

If you need any of the other herbs and spices they can all be found in their respective categories of the online store along with other items of interest.

Nik's Wonderful Cookbooks are not included in the packs but can be purchased here > http://skinnymixers.myshopify.com/