A Little Taste of India Spice Pack


Little Taste of India Spice Pack

includes all the spices (except for the Babas Meat Curry Powder which is available in our online store)

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Allergen InformationGluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian

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Little Taste of India Spice Pack includes all the spices (except for the Babas Meat Curry Powder which is available seperately in our online store) that Nikalene calls for in her book  "A Little Taste of India"


  • Bay Leaves 15g
  • Cardamom Seeds 50g 
  • Cardamom Pods 50g
  • Chilli Granules – Medium 50g
  • Chilli Powder 50g
  • Chillies – Whole 25g
  • Cinnamon – Ground 50g
  • Cinnamon – Quills 50g
  • Cloves – Whole 50g
  • Coriander – Ground 50g
  • Cumin – Ground 50g
  • Curry Tree Leaves 15g
  • Garam Masala 50g 
  • Fine Salt 100g
  • Mustard Seeds – Black 50g
  • Paprika – Smoked 50g
  • Paprika – Mild 50g
  • Peppercorn - Black Cracked 50g
  • Peppercorn Black – Whole 50g
  • Star Anise 50g
  • Turmeric – Ground 50g

  Nik's Wonderful Cookbooks are not included in the packs but can be purchased here > http://skinnymixers.myshopify.com/

Please Note that this pack does not include the copy of "A Little Taste of India" or the timber crate.

 For ingredient listings and nutritional panels, please see individual items in our website.  

And don’t forget, if you already have some of the required items at home, use them up first and only buy what you need!  All items are available individually!