MEGA3 Spice Pack!

Perfect for the person who has just bought Nikalene’s amazing books and is starting from scratch!

This pack contains all of the dry spices, herbs some extra harder to get items, as called for in the books.

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MEGA3 Spice Pack!

Especially good for the person who has just bought Nikalene’s amazing books and is starting from scratch!

This pack contains the complete range of the items from the ALL of our available Spice Packs.

This pack contains all of the dry spices and herbs as called for in the books

A Little Taste of India

A Little Taste of Asia

The Healthy Mix I

A Little Taste of Mexico

The Healthy Mix II

A Little Taste of Spain

The Healthy Mix III

A Little Taste of Italy

One of everything with no double ups! (except the paprikas and the cacao)

This pack is great value at under $2.80 per item.

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Herbs, spices and extras Included are:

Allspice ,Babas Meat Curry Powder, Basil, Bay Leaves, Bell Pepper Flakes, Cardamom Ground, Cardamom Pods, Cardamom Seeds, Cayenne Pepper – Ground, Chilli Flakes- Medium, Chilli Powder, Chilli whole, Chillies - 2 Ancho, Chillies 8 Guajillos, Chinese Five Spice, Chipotle Chilli Powder, Chives, Cinnamon – Ground, Cinnamon Quills, Clove Ground, Clove whole, Coriander – Ground, Coriander Seeds, Cumin – Ground, Cumin Seeds, Curry Leaves, Dill Tips, Fennel Seeds, Garlic Powder, Garam Masala ,Ginger – Ground, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Mace, Mint Flakes, Mustard Seeds Black, Nutmeg – Ground, Onion Powder, Onion Flakes, Oregano – leaves, Paprika – Smoked, Paprika – Sweet, Parsley Flakes, Peppercorn Black – Cracked, Peppercorn Black, Raisins, Rosemary Leaves, Sage Ground, Sesame Seeds, Shitake Mushrooms, Sumac, Star Anise, Szechuan Pepper, Thyme Leaves, Turmeric – Ground, Vanilla Powder, Coconut Sugar, Himalayan Pink Fine Salt, Fish Sauce, Shrimp Paste, Tamarind Paste, Pickled Jalapenos tin, Chipotle in Adobo Sauce, Xanthan Gum, Xylitol, Psyllium Husk, Chia Seed – Black, Cacao Powder, Almonds – Smoked, Bomba Rice 1kg, Saffron 1g, cacao butter wafers, chick peas.

Nikalene's Wonderful Cookbooks are not included in the packs but can be purchased here > http://skinnymixers.myshopify.com/

For ingredient listings and nutritional panels, please see individual items in our website.  

Please note: all of the included in the Spice packs can also be purchased individually!  Only buy what you need!