Remedy Kombucha Original 330ml AVAILABLE INSTORE ONLY



The original. Some say the best.

Tried-and-true traditional kombucha - straight-up, as-it-comes.

Tart, bubbly brew with apple cider notes.

Sweet and sour.

The perfect pick-me-up.

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Kombucha is a tea-based drink, made through a fermentation process involving a natural culture. The process results in the production of healthy, living bacteria known as probiotics, which are great for your gut, aid digestion and are widely believed to have energising, detoxifying and healing properties.



The low down on booch

Kombucha (often lovingly referred to as “booch”) is a live cultured, sparkling drink made through a fermentation process involving tea, wild bacteria and yeasts (the good stuff, but more on that later) and raw sugar (which mostly disappears during the fermentation process).  

The end result is a delicious drink that contains healthy, living bacteria that are good for your gut and are widely believed to have energising and healing properties.

Before you go passing it off as some kind of new-age fad, it might help to know that people around the world have been making and enjoying kombucha for thousands of years, particularly throughout Eastern Europe and Asia. Ask around and you’re bound to find someone who’ll tell you that their Grandma or Dad has been brewing their own booch forever!



Each and every batch of Remedy Kombucha is made the old-fashioned way with passion and without compromise. That means taking our time (no shortcuts) and using real, whole, organic ingredients (no fake or processed nasties).


Every day, more evidence emerges on the important role that the gut plays in maintaining a healthy body and mind. Our gut microbes (or gut flora) play an important role in training and modulating our immune system.

Kombucha improves digestive health by balancing out bad bacteria with lots of all-natural good stuff, thanks to live cultures, acetic acids and digestive enzymes. 

Like all fermented food and drink, kombucha aids digestion, is good for your gut, increases antioxidants and is antimicrobial (stops the bad guys in their tracks).